CrossFTP 1.75a

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Internet Utilities
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Mac OS X 10.0 or later
Publisher's description - CrossFTP 1.75a
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CrossFTP is a useful and easy-to-use FTP client that offers cross-platform engine to transfer any file using FTP.

CrossFTP is robust, safe, and web start application. It has many features available in CrossFTP.

Here are some key features of "CrossFTP":

· Optional Caching of the directory lists.
· Skip list to bypass the unwanted file transfers.
· Skip pattern to bypass the unwanted file transfers.
· Fully recursive file transferring for uploading, downloading, etc.
· Name case conversion support.
· Sound and Event trigger for the transportation.
· Local File Transports.
· Edit of the queue items (source site, target site, etc.).
· Transfer data compression (Mode Z).
· Recursive directory upload.

· Robust backup, bi-directional file synchronization.
· Preview mode.
· Powerful include/exclude marks for files & folders.
· Customizable synchronization behavior and direction/date filters.
· GUI or queue execution synchronization interface.
· Build-in Scheduler support.
· Supports local paths for Windows, Linux, Mac, and more.
· Site file`s Password encryption.
· Supports FTP and WebDav/HTTP.
· Supports ZIP/GZ/Tar/etc. archives and intra-archive paths.
· Supports secure encrypted FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS).
· Supports secure encrypted SSH FTP Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
· Supports secure encryped WebDav/HTTPS.
· Supports transfer compressing for FTP/SFTP/FTPS. (Mode Z, compression Z).
· Mulitple encoding and unicode support for system paths.
· Professional Logging System (Apache Common Loggings).

· Multi-Tabbed local and remote panes.
· History drop list allows a quick return to the previous directory.
· Favorate bookmark to provide quick access to the directory.
· Advanced queue control.
· Synchronized/bundled browsing allows webmasters t o keep notice of current transfer status.
· Drag-and-drop functionality.
· Import site listings from lftp, ftp text format, etc.
· Optional list hidden files.
· Quick Viewer, Quick Edit, and new execution shell.
· Good support for the service and interface`s encoding.
· Different Look & Feel brings different skin for the application.
· Quick backup/restore of all sites information.
· Remote backup/restore of all sites information.
· Direct Google web search for the file name.
· Interactive filter for the file browser to quickly locate the file.
· Search Local Files and feed to the pane.
· Remote quick viewer.
· Remote file edit and save.

· The program is checked against its digital signiture and hash checksum before each execution to ensure its integrity and authentication.
· Java runtime 1.4+ contains Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE)
· Site password`s protection and encryption.
· Lock the program.
· Mangement the servers and CAs` certificates.
· Mangement the personal certificates.
· Process the SSH private keys.
· Connect to sites using SSL/TLS encryption for added security.
· Check and store the Site certifications.

· Anti-idle keeps connection active.
· Automatically reconnect and resume a transfer.
· Auto-save the processing queue.
· Restore/Disaster-Recovery the queues when the program starts.
· Transfer files of all sizes.
· Allow the easy and continuous update for the program.
· Implemented on the Java, an industry level rubust lanugage.
· Premium Email support
· Restore the queue of unfinished jobs when program runs
· Load/Save the queue information.

· Multi platforms support, e.g., Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
· Easy Web Start and auto-upgrade.
· Colorize the transfer thread`s colors in the queue and display panel.
· Colorize the FTP link files and the supported archive files.
· Archive browsing and extraction for .zip, .tar.gz, etc.
· Fasted direct file copy between two archives.
· Add to archive support.
· Image quick viewer.
· Text quick viewer.
· Quick viewer for files in the archive.
· Change layout for queue panel.
· Remove the ad label and faster startup.


· Sun Java 1.4+, Java 1.5+ recommanded.

What`s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Add "Group", "Owner", and "Storage Class" columns` support.
· Support DevPay for Amazon S3.
· Fix WebDav error for Air Shairing.
· Fix the stability issue introduced in 1.70.
· Improves the main panel UI.
· Support the keep date option during transfer.
· Enhance the directory sync for MD5 and date check.
· Compatible with JDK 1.5 for Mac OS X 10.4 users.
· A lot of bug fixes.


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